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Online gambling is huge, and sports betting is one part of the the market that keeps on growing and growing at an extraordinary rate. The advent of Bitcoin has enabled gamblers to search for the best odds from sites around the world and place bets without major restriction. Bitcoin sites typically offer better odds than regular Sportsbooks, so Bitcoin is a safe bet for those looking for the best odds. 
Bitcoin Gambling Online has searched the web for the best Bitcoin Sportsbook sites and have put together our top 5, which can be found below. Our top 5 is based on a number of different factors such as overall user experience, how good the odds are and the reputation / popularity of the site. To see a full, detailed review, click ‘Review’ next to each listed site, or to dive right in and start playing, click ‘Play Now’

Top 5 Bitcoin Sportsbook:
Cloudbet –
Nitrogen Sports –
Betcoin Sports –
MBit – –

Sports Betting With Bitcoins

In certain countries such as the UK, sports betting is a huge multi-billion pound industry. The convenience of the Internet has made sports betting all the more popular. It’s made it easy extremely easy to to put a bet on and to also compare odds at different bookmakers with minimal effort. The problem for a lot of gamblers though, is that betting sites aren’t available in every country, so when it comes to finding a site with the best odds for a particular event, bettors often have to settle for what’s available to them. This is where Bitcoin comes to the rescue! Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, so this means that in a lot of countries it is not classed as a currency. Because the technology is so new, governments around the world have so far been slow to act on the legislation around Bitcoin. What this means is that gambling websites have been able to operate in places where otherwise they would not have been able to, legally, had they been traditional fiat currency based gambling websites. This is good news for spots betting because it means a greater number of sites are available with which to find better odds. It also creates an opportunity to bet on sporting events in countries other than your own… events that may not normally be averrable to bet on at fiat-currency Sporsbooks in your own country. With that being said, generally if it’s illegal to gamble online in your jurisdiction then Bitcoin gambling is illegal too. It is always best to check first if it online gambling is legal where you are, and also to see if the site you want to play at holds a gambling license to serve gaming content in your country.

Type of Bitcoin Sports Betting
As with regular Sportsbooks, there are many different sports and different sporting events that you can bet on with BTC. Some Bitcoin betting sites such as Cloudlet also offer live, in-play betting.

Some of the sports you can bet on with Bitcoin include:

Football (Soccer)
Horse Racing
American Football
Boxing and MMA
Formula 1 (F1)
Grand Prix
World Superbikes

As with regular sportsbooks, some Bitcoin betting sites such as Cloudlet offer live, in-play betting

Advantages of Sports Betting with Bitcoin

Available to most of the world
Bitcoin is a global currency and exists solely over the internet. This means that Bitcoin can be used as a payment system for the unbanked – people in countries who do not have access to credit cards and banking infrastructure can now have the ability to gamble online using Bitcoins! It also means that money can be sent cross border with no cost, allowing people to bet on events around the word at Bitcoin Sportsbook sites around the world.

Instant Transactions
One of the mail draws of betting online using Bitcoin the speed of transactions. You can deposit and withdraw instantly, making it an extremely attractive option to players who want to cash out immediately without having to wait for weeks while they submit KYC documents and wait for them to clear before they can attempt to withdraw. Gamblers at traditional online betting sites will be aware of the difficulty of trying to withdraw after a large win. Often you will be limited to a maximum withdrawal amount per month. This is not the case at Bitcoin only betting websites. Withdrawals are instant and hassle free!

Bitcoin is anonymous by it’s very nature. This is one of the great appeals of Bitcoin. When betting at a Bitcoin sportsbook, you won’t need to submit any personal details. This is great for people who don’t wish to have betting transactions appear on their bank statements or credit card statements. Transactions can still be traced on the blockchain to your wallet, but for most people, the level of anonymity Bitcoin providers gamblers with is sufficient for their needs

24 hour customer support
If there comes a point where you need to contact the customer support of a Bitcoin Betting site then you will find that they tend to offer full customer support 24/7. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin betting sites accept players from anywhere in world across different time zones, so they need to offer 24 hour support. This is in contrast to traditional online sportsbook sites where, typically, full customer support is available during normal working hours, plus additional evening live support which runs though until around 11.00pm

Provably Fair Technology
Provably Fair technology is something which is unique to the world of Bitcoin gambling. This technology is based on a complex algorithm which allows betting transactions to be checked and verified for fairness. This gives bettors the extra confidence in knowing that a site hasn’t cheated them out of BTC. You can read more about ‘Provably Fair’ here.