Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker

Online poker has been an Internet phenomenon and it is now possible to play with BTC as a currency at Bitcoin only Poker sites. These sites are fantastic as they allow players to remain almost fully anonymous without having to register an account or share any of their personal information.  This means that player’s don’t have to worry about deposits appearing on any bank or credit card statement because you’ll be playing for real money poker with your secure virtual currency instead of fiat currency. 
At Bitcoin Gambling Online we’ve scoured the entire net looking for the best Bitcoin Poker sites and we’re pleased to share our findings with you. We tested a range things including the overall website / gaming experience and are ready to present you with our top 3 Bitcoin Poker sites. Click ‘review’ to read our full review of the site, or click ‘play now’ to go straight to the site.

Top 3 Bitcoin Poker Websites
SWC Poker –
Betcoin Poker –
America’s Cardroom – (PC client only, no mac)

About Bitcoin Poker

Online poker exploded in popularity during the early 2000s in America before the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006 came into play. During this time, websites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker became household names. Outside of the U.S., online poker has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity, peaking in around 2012. Today, it remains very popular, with providers preferring to offer stand-alone poker sites as opposed to poker being integrated into casinos. With the advent of Bitcoin in the late 2000s, it was obvious it would not be long before the world would start to see Bitcoin Poker sites cropping up.  This was particularly appealing to US gamblers and Internet entrepreneurs who were quick to jump on this new opportunity to (once again) provide Poker offerings. This was possible due to the questions around the nature of Bitcoin at the time, as it was not officially classed as a currency. As of today, it remains illegal to gamble online in most of the United States, whether it be with Bitcoin or otherwise. If you like outside of the US, then that us a different story. Bitcoin Gambling Online is based in the UK where online gambling is fully legal and now has the benefits of additional freedom and security thanks to Bitcoin.

The Rise of Bitcoin
The world was introduced to Bitcoin in 2008 by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto. Some people speculate that the name Satoshi Nakamoto actually refers to a group of people who were behind the invention of Bitcoin, rather than just one person.
The cryptocurrency was invented to be a peer-to-peer money system, based on a technology known as the ‘Blockchain”. The currency completely decentralised, meaning it cannot be controlled by any government entity or governing body. It was round about 2011 when Bitcoin really started grabbing the attention of the world’s press. Since then it has been on a juggernaut rise. Now in 2015 Bitcoin can be used for many things. You can of course gamble online, but you can also invest in stocks and foreign exchange markets, as well as use it to purchase a wide range of goods. One guy even purchased a Tesla Model S with Bitcoin cack in 2013!

Using Bitcoin to play Poker
When Bitcoin exploded in 2011, along with it came the first wave of online gambling sites. This the first poker site to launch was ’Seals With Clubs’ (SWC), founded by the outspoken professional poker player Bryan Micon. This particular site became the biggest bitcoin poker site out there until it was shut down in early 2015. The site has since been relaunched as SWC Poker and sits among the top of the best Bitcoin poker sites. There are of course many other great Bitcoin Pokers sites out there, as detailed above. A complete list of reviews can be found here.

To play poker using BTC, you’ll of course need to get hold of some Bitcoin. If you’re new to this you may find our popular guide to Bitcoin useful. There we explain the basics of Bitcoin including how to buy some, what Bitcoin exchange and wallet to use and how to get started using BTC to gamble with online.

Reasons to Play Poker with Bitcoins.

Almost Anonymous
If you’re someone who hates having online gambling transactions appear in your bank statements then Bitcoin is for you. By playing Poker at Bitcoin accepting poker sites you can eliminate this annoyance. It’s worth understanding that Bitcoin isn’t 100% anonymous, as transactions are still traceable on the blockchain, however, the vast majority of Bitcoin gambling sites will not ask you for any personal information and will not ask you to create an account. Each time you visit a site, you send funds to the Poker site’s Bitcoin address from your own address. Some sites may require an account, but this usually only means creating a username and password.

Fast and cheap withdrawals
Bitcoin payments are fast. Really fast! And what’s more is that the fees are ridiculously low compared to fiat currency, which often have steep withdrawal fees and can limit monthly withdrawals to a set amount. In addition to this, if it’s your first time making a withdrawal, a fiat based Poker site will need to verify your identity before you can withdrawal. This is a procedure known as KYC (Know Your Customer) and can be a lengthy process involving sending identification decimates to the Poker website.
With Bitcoin, none of the above applies. Withdrawals are often free, or if not then very low. There is no wait time before you can withdraw due to the fact that Bitcoin sites don’t need to know your information.. usually the money will be in your BTC wallet in the same day! These are just a few of that major advantages bitcoin has over fiat currencies when playing poker or gambling of any kind online.

Lower Rake
Bitcoin poker sites have the lowest rake out of all online poker websites. Poker sites operating with BTC as a currency have significantly lower operating costs than fiat currency based poker sites, so what we generally find is that Bitcoin gambling sites can afford to compete with other sites by having much better rake structures and reward structures in place. If more gamblers knew this, we’re sure that any many more players would be swarming to Bitcoin. The word is catching on though, and it’s growing fast! It has been said that between 50% – 60% of all Bitcoin transactions are online gambling transactions.