Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice

A gambling favourite to emerge from the advent of Bitcoin is the rise of Bitcoin Dice games. With Bitcoin, the game of dice moved away from it’s traditional form (betting on a 6 sided cube rolled across a table) and transformed into the fantastic, 21st Century betting game that thousands love playing today. This isn’t to say that the traditional version of Dice can’t be played with Bitcoin… indeed it can. But here at Bitcoin Gambling Online, we’re super excited about the new variation because it offers something fresh and exciting to the online gambling world. And best of all it’s exclusive to Bitcoin!

The emergence of Bitcoin Dice as we know it today started with the appearance of Satoshi Dice, which was one of the very first websites to realise the potential of Bitcoin for gambling. Satoshi Dice is named after Bitcoin’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and is credited with popularising the Bitcoin Dice game. This site pioneered a completely new take on Dice by introducing the simplistic method of betting on a chosen number being either higher or lower than what is ‘rolled’. If the number is lower, the player wins… if it is higher the player loses. This variation is known as ‘Roll LO’, however some sites offer ‘Roll HI’, which works in the opposite way (betting on your number being higher than the one rolled results in a win). Then there are those dice sites that offer both ‘Roll Lo’ and ‘Roll HI’ and of course traditional dice games wherein a cube dice is rolled. We’ve searched the web looking for all the Bitcoin Dice sites we could find, and we’ve played as many as we could find so that we could put together our top 5 Bitcoin Dice sites shown below. To read the reviews of each site press the ‘Review’ button, or to jump straight to the site click ‘Play Now’. You can also see our other Bitcoin Dice reviews on our review page.

Top 5 Bitcoin Dice Sites:

PrimeDice –
Satoshi Dice –
Betcoin Dice – –
999dice –

Reasons to play Bitcoin Dice

New and exciting
The new variations of dice games are fresh and exciting, unlike any game seen at traditional online casinos so far. The way they work is totally unique to the world of Bitcoin gambling and has a distinct underground feel about it, which is what makes is so exciting.

Provably Fair
One of the best things about Bitcoin Gambling is Provably Fair Gaming. Being built around the Blockchain allows for any Bitcoin transaction to be verified, meaning it can be verified as being fair. Bitcoin Dice sites often advertise the fact that their games are provably fair and some sites have an inbuilt bet verifier. This is a very positive thing for the gaming / gambling industry as a whole and especially for Bitcoin Gambling. More information about Probably Fair Gaming can be found here.

No Account Needed
The reason for Bitcoin Dice’s popularity comes from it’s ease of play and the fact that it doesn’t require an account or any form of registration. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet address which you enter upon each visit to the site, or upon each bet, depending on the site you are playing at. The advantage of this is profound as players wanting to gamble online no longer have to worry about gambling transactions appearing on their bank or credit card statements.

Almost Anonymous
Another advantage of not needing an account to pay Bitcoin Dice Games is that you can remain almost anonymous in your activity. It’s true that all Bitcoin transactions can be traced on the Blockchain, but the anonymity comes in the form of not handing any personal inflation over to the casino, and not having your deposits or withdrawals go through a bank.

Easily Place Bets
Placing bets is the core action here and the primary focus of a dice website. As a result, you’ll tend to find that the game’s user interface is typically a simple panel displaying a lucky number selector along with your balance, bet amount, win amount and a bet button. Below this you will typically see a list of recent transactions by other players on the site. This is always an up to date feed, in real time, which is great because it helps create a buzz of excitement as you see people winning and losing right now, right before your eyes. It makes the thrill of dice all the more luring. We simply can’t get enough… we’re hooked!

Speed of Transactions
Bitcoin gambling sites are known for their speed of payment processing. So when you play the exciting Bitcoin variation of dice, you can expect instant fund transfers to and from the sites, with little to no fees involved.

It’s Global
One of the best things about Bitcoin is that it’s a global currency. It’s unlike any other form of currency we’ve seen before in that it is virtual and exists purely in the digital space. It’s a peer-to-peer currency, therefore it can be sent to anyone in the world via the internet and be received instantly at no cost. This allows people to play dice and other betting sites online from anywhere in the world. The site doesn’t have to be based in your own country. With that said, we do strongly advise that you first make sure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction and that the sites you want play at are legal and have a gaming licence to operate in your country.